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You know I’m not even mad about the mother dying. What I’m mad about is the fact that she was such an insignificant character on the show. I seriously feel like her only purpose was to give Ted some kids because Robin couldn’t. If they would’ve left it at the mother passing away and Ted telling the story to his kids to honor her but no. The writers had to make it about Robin. I wish somehow Barney’s daughter could have been the glue to get Barney and Robin back together and keep them together but nope. They had to end it with one of the most developed characters going back to his old ways and the only thing that changed him was a daughter he didn’t want. The fact that the death of the mother was so emotionless and just seemed like another little bump in the road for Ted was disgusting as well. I mean shit if you’re gonna fuck up everything on the show why not make Marshall and Lily get divorced too. I will never be satisfied with that ending and I will never be able to watch the show again without thinking, “Wow, this was all a story so Ted could have one last shot with Robin. These nine long seasons were so Ted could attempt to convince his kids that he loves Robin and wants to be with her. The mother was just to have kids. That was her only role in this show. To have kids”. Well there’s my thoughts on the finale of How I Settled For Your Mother Because I Was Waiting For Your Aunt Robin To Be Available.

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I’m just mad.

That’s what I feel about it, that’s how I’ll always feel about it.

I hate that they ruined years and years of character development.

I hate that they turned the show into “How I Met Your Mother, Then Realized I Was In Love With Your Aunt Robin And Got Together With Her”

I hate…




I watched the series finale of HIMYM last night and I angrily cried for half an hour afterwards and I’m still really upset. I’m sad that it’s over and I’m mad at that giant shit the writers took ugh




Me: “You can’t ruin 9 years worth of television in 40 mins”


Some days you will feel sad without knowing why. Like you lost something very precious but forgot what it was, or like you miss someone you never met.
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